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Stomped Tofu
It was *stomp stomp* at first sight...
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In L♥VE your Tofu Sama!
27th-Apr-2013 12:53 am - Swimming Anime
Boys Love
Originally posted by kokoro_ai at post
kyaaaaaaaaaaaaaa it's becomes reality!!!!! Fanservice everyway!!!!! Ya quiero verla!!!!!

13th-Apr-2013 08:21 pm - Recently finished Animes
Uta no Prince
Arcana Famiglia
Hakkenden: Tohou hakken Ibun
Psycho Pass
Sukitte Iinayo
Kamisama Hajimemashite
Tiger and Bunny Movie
Vassalord OVA

Deadman Wonderland
Sword Art Online
Chihayafuru 2

Also bought Tokyo Godfathers Limited DVD Edition from Satoshi Kon. I still haven't found time to watch it yet.
I hope I pass the exam and then I can do whatever.
23rd-May-2012 11:55 pm - Zirkal -Old times
So today I found my old Blog,which I wrote in class 9 probably.
Everything written in the most childish way I can remember. But those were good times. I miss them.
And I found an old story I began to write. I was very surprised. I think it was very well written,the ideas were very well researched andI didn't even knew I did that anymore. When I reread it I was fascinated and wanted to read more,sadly I never wrote more.
I can't even continue the story since I don't know what I had thought then.
Very sad. I think I was way more open,friendly,optimistiv,more naiv then now.
Maybe it was good I changed and maybe it was for the worse. who knows.
21st-May-2012 05:29 pm - Future

So I'm 18 now. I don't realy have dreams. I always wanted a cafe,but I also want money. You know everybody wants and needs money. I'm not ashamed to tell I want lots of money. Why are there so many things I can't buy,but so few things I really want to achieve? I don't have a job I want to do in the future. Going from one to another informational event for jobs is useless. The only thing I ever wanted was to have this own cafe of mine,but with that I can't get lots of money. I want to buy so much. But I also don't know what to do with the degrees I already got. I'm still attending school now. Still a year left before my finale degree which I probably won't get. And now I'm still here like: What fucking university to attend when you have no ambition? no dream? 

I don't know. I'm kinda lost here.
So I have all these awesome qualifications which I earned through out the years with engagement but what to do with it if I don't have passion for it? I even learned japanese in university. I'm just gonna say that I can draw rather well now but I know I'm nothing compared to others. Yeah I want to be an artist,I want to do something with japanese but what is my future with this? Nothing... 

Its like wanting to be an successful musican or singer nowadays. I know so many awesome singers, and artists but they don't earn their money with it. They can't! I'm realistic,what to dream for if you don't earn money with it?
I'm hopeles. I forgot to search for a holiday job and now probably all the good ones are gone,but even though I don't even know where I would like to work. 

My head hurts. I feel helpless,but I can't tell my mom. She has enough problems and wouldn't understand.
Today Laura said to me: Everybody knows what they want to be in the future. I think she is in the wrong. I'm proof of it. 
She asked me wether I had a dream as a child. I had. I wanted to study the creatures in the ozean,but not anymore.
I don't want to cry around here. I want to earn my money with my own strengh. BUt they say,this is a decision which will decide your life,others say you can be whatever you want and change whenever.I believed.I had hope.
But people don't mention the costs.Never.

I don't want to be a fucking useless person. I can't do anything right with my life. I can't handle my own fucking situation.
If you would give me robotic instruction I would probably do them with perfection but it seems I can't function without...
I think I'm going to get food now. 

20th-May-2012 09:47 pm - welcome back?
Soooo a entry after like many many years of being absent.

I don't know there is so much that happened,I just lost the drive to do anything. Its not like I have followers either and the ones commenting are commenting in russian which I sadly can't understand or are spam bits which is even more sad.
Maybe I will be posting stuff again.

How does crafting sound to you?

3rd-Feb-2012 12:13 pm - My tweets
21st-Jan-2012 01:05 am - Schreibhemmung
SB that doesn't support SOPA!
Who do you think would make a great U.S. president?
13th-Dec-2011 08:58 am - Мои твиты
  • Пн, 21:03: I'm not dead yet,and I'm even enjoying my time a bit. I thought this would be not possible ,now that christmas is hanging on my neck
17th-Nov-2011 12:20 pm - My tweets
22nd-Oct-2011 12:21 pm - My tweets
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